Cass Screw Machine Products

The Making of a Part

Our Process

Whether it's a bushing for a skid-steer loader or a spindle for a disk drive, Cass has the tools to manufacture the parts you need. Let's follow one of our parts through its operations.

Raw Material

Every part we manufacture begins as a raw bar of steel, aluminum, brass, or copper. Bars are color-coded accordng to their properties and uses. This ensures that we always use the correct metal for your part.

Tooling Up

We often have to create the tooling to make your part. Properly made tools are important: they determine not only the shape and dimensions of your part, but its quality as well. Tools are stored and cataloged in our Tool Room, ready for their next use.

Blanking on the Automatics

The next step is the blank. Machined from the raw steel bars, it's roughly the size of your finished part, and ready for secondary operations.

Rough Grind

The blank is sent to the Grinding Department, where it is given a rough grind. This ensures it meets exacting tolerances for subsequent operations.

Rough Bore

Next, it's on to the CNC lathe where the internal diameter is bored.

Cross Drilling

A CNC machining center puts four cross-drilled holes in the part. These holes are for grease passage and lubrication in the finished product.

Heat Treatment

Some processes, such as heat treating, are better left to experts in that field. Cass sends parts requiring heat treating and other specialized operations to a small group of trusted vendors.

Finish Grind

When the part returns to Cass, it goes back to the Grinding Department for a finish grind. The final tolerance is less than a third the width of a human hair!

Finish Bore

After the finish grind the parts go back to a CNC lathe for a finish bore. All parts are inspected through each step as they are manufactured to ensure constant quality.


All parts are carefully packed by hand. This extra care makes sure that the parts we manufacture for you are of the highest quality minimizes damage during shipping.

Inventory Retention

M.R.P. parts are sorted and stored for our customers, ready for your next just-in-time shipment.


The last step in the manufacturing process is recycling. Scrap metal turnings are spun in a centrifuge. Here, the cutting oil is extracted, leaving clean and dry scrap to be sent out for recycling. We filter the cutting oil for re-use.